The implementation coach for sustainable procurement

The ISO 20400 guidance is focused on continuously improving your organization regarding sustainability. You will make the transition from CSR policy to procurement policy, procurement strategy and ultimately procurement process. This webtool is completely in line with the guidance.

The ISO 20400 scan
Do you want a more detailed insight into how your organization stands regarding SP? Then the ISO 20400 scan is for you. This online tool consists of a carefully composed set of questions and statements taken from the guidance. After completing this scan, you will know in detail how your organization has integrated SP and what steps you can take. You can also complete the scan together with your colleagues. Create an account or log in on the right if you already have an account.

The results
After completing the ISO 20400 scan you can download the results. You will see your scores for all the sections compared to the 'Best-in-class' and the sector average. You can also download your customized implementation plan containing concrete actions based on your growth level. This plan provides practical tools to successfully improve your SP policy, strategy and processes. You can also download the self-declaration for ISO 20400 after completing the ISO 20400 scan. If you wish, you may also publish this in the online registry.


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